January 20, 2018

AAPL and SPY calls dominate Gains of 225% and 100%

In a week where much of momentum tech sector took a break Apple and the rest of the market rally to new highs. We profit on both AAPL and broad market SPY using call options

This week is proof yet again of the importance of trading quality over quantity. 

Regardless if the market is making a new high every other day timing is the utmost importance of day trading and capturing large moves. 

Many look to quantify their trades by attempting to scalp into multiple trades across the board in hopes that the one stock that does make the move will cover those that do not.  This type of strategy may work some days but in the long term does not provide consistency needed to profit week over week.

We profit week over week using the Staunch Method. Quality over Quantity. Check our trades below and our Performance Sheet by clicking here

January 2, 2018

+1187% GAIN + The Biggest Trade of them all! $NVDA

Here's the biggest trade of them all. Two call strikes held overnight.
Nvda 200 Calls @ .85C  > 6.35 = +647% gain
Nvda 197.5 Calls @ 1.29 > 8.25  = +540% gain
Total = 1187%

(click pic to enlarge tweets)

Put that together with the last two weeks of Nvda Calls percentage gains of +440% with this week week +1187% and we get +1627% in 3 weeks of trading NVDA

Performance Report Last Month (does not yet include 1400 % in Nvda Gains) 

December 28, 2017

This is why we trade the Options
NFLX +570% Gain on a single trade.

The gain from this trade alone reminds us all the power of trading the options!

Yes, options are more difficult than trading equities alone.
Yes, many factors arise trading the options
Yes, the risk and rewards are larger.


When when you perfect your trading craft down to a science. The fear settles and fun begins. You cant find 6X your trade with penny stocks or trading equities alone, can only do these things trading the options and thats why we love trading them.

We just spent the last hour putting together our private feed intraday commentary on NFLX below. Step by step from pre-market to the closing bell cash. All updated for our members and now posted here for your enjoyment. 

 Time stamp check CST Central time (8:30am is the opening bell)

We're always here to help. Record setting gain for the month to going into the new year 2k18. We're on Fire.

December 27, 2017

NVDA Back to Back weeks +440% Gain

Nvda, market buyers continue to buy the dips in the name and we have been ahead of them for two weeks in a row. With proper forecasting we're able to capture the big spread using the weekly options.

The first trade on Dec 18th netted 200% gain using the Dec 22, 197.5 calls
The second trade a week later Dec 26 netted 240% gain using the Dec 29, 195 calls

Key components to consider that go into trading these moves with the weekly options. 
1.) forecasting the underlying move
2.) strike selection and option price
3.) exit strategy factoring in time decay of the option (letting the trade run to max profit)

I'm proud to note that with discipline and a proper strategic plan that we have exited at the top of the rally both times. I have highlighted the time stamps of the alerts to members of entries and target hits.

Thats it for now happy options trading. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
See you on the greenside!

December 14, 2017

Show me the money! or work? Show me the work!

Here are 5 trades in the past 4 trading days.

Unlike others who post random stock charts about potential possibilities. This post is about showing our actual work. The stocks that we have forecasted.  The focus as always is quality over quantity. 

Watching for trade opportunities takes up most of our day so we're big on trades but short on captions this post. If you have questions feel free to contact us .. 


Apple starts the week with a bang.
Monday morning first trade of the week. Looking for the apple rally to start things off. We get a fast reward to our first target 171.50. Swung positions for two days cash on the way up hits second target 173.

Stalked this one all morning to get the entry. Number one on our watch list. Hits targets on 2nd day cash on the way up.

Fed Announcement Wednesday
We got long $spy calls short term before the Fed announcement. Instant reward to target 265.5. This one was fun.

Lower ThursdayShort open spy took about an hour for market to start working our way but patience always pays.

Facebook twice in a row?
Missed FB trade twice now. Last week we stalked FB for a couple days but missed an entry and the trade went boom. This time we were actually in the trade but failed to hold for targets. Oh Well. Can't focus on what could have been just build yourself a bridge and get over it. Onto the next trade.

December 12, 2017

Fear of Missing out... Conquer it, Conquer your trading.

Lets focus on what holds back traders from succeeding.... FEAR. Typically there are two common reflective questions traders ask them selves when looking back at the trading day.

"Why didn't I trade that?" 
"Why did I trade that?"

Both these questions are a result of fear. First, fear of losing and second, fear of missing out. Lets shortly touch base with the Latter.

Fear of Missing out.
Capturing multiple large moves in a row takes patience. A good trade should never feel forced. Trades that are forced are usually a result of FOMO (Fear of Missing out), watching a stock you have not YET entered, move the direction you anticipated without being a participant; forcing you to chase with a terrible entry. 

Lets solve this by focusing on the things you can control. Formulate a trading plan for each stock, then formulate a strategy to enter the trade. Believe in your abilities and stick to the plan. Secondly learn to recognize when an opportunity has passed and then train your mind to move on from the plan.

Everyday opportunities are vast within the market. You should never feel like your trade is the only trade. Your goal should be to only trade the best setups that give you the best opportunities. Being able to choose your entry and exit is the edge you have against the market. You are in control, so be in control.

Had some time to post a few of our trades. All trades posted are posted either on public twitter @staunchwealth or at private feed for members @ www.staunchtrading.com
Screenshots include time stamped tweets. Time stamp check Central Time / Dates.

Remember patience to get a couple big moves in a row. 

Trade the best setups for the best opportunities 

Trades below were entered but exited for break-even. Day after the stock took off in our direction.
This is when FOMO (fear of missing out) tests your disciplines. Don't chase! build yourself a bridge and get over it.  Move on to the next.

She was a beauty...

Positive Trading guys.. Till next time..

December 10, 2017

Trading the SPY 150+ point moves captured 3x times in 7 days.. Down then Up

One thing we love about the market making new highs every couple of weeks is the range it provides for traders. 100 point days in the market lead to great opportunities trading both long and short.

Here is the big picture... 3 SPY moves we've traded in the past 7 trading days


It starts with the day of the dead 12/1. We were planning to short SPY before the open at our 265 level (first tweet in photo below).

After an entry 10 minutes after the open market consolidates for an hour after. (2nd tweet in photo)

Finally after some headlines in the news of  General Flynn pleading guilty the market nose dives into a death drop.  One of the fastest sell offs of the year! Platform charts across the board  were lagging while the market dropped 300 points in a matter of 20 minutes..  Market went past our planned target of 263.75 so fast that we trigger the new target at 263 (3rd tweet in photo)

We book 150% gain using a conservative put expiration.

(Follow along  Timestamp check our tweets out to subscribers using Central time market opens at 8:30AM)

2nd Trade.. Midday Reversal Lower TUESDAY

Deathdrop Friday led into a larger bounce to new highs the following trading day Monday. Tuesday the market catches our attention after sellers sell SPY's new high made Monday.

Tuesday we wait for an opportunity as the market makes a 50 point move higher to start to SPY 265 .
We alert subscribers of trading short only this day and did so at SPY 265.

Our forecast intention was to see the market REVERSE back into 264... and the SPY did just that! reversing midday under 264 down to 263. We start to take profit under 264 all the way down to 263.25 capitalizing  130% gain using a conservative put strike.

We captured the whole market days range from the absolute high to the closing low!

(Follow along  Timestamp check our tweets out to subscribers using Central time market opens at 8:30AM)

3rd Trade.. The finale Overnight BOUNCE

Wednesday and Thursday markets attempt to bounce but fails several times. Finally as trading started to close Thursday we conclude from our analysis and forecast marks that market will potentially overnight gap hgiher into Fridays action.

We prepare by getting long Thursday before the close.  Loading long at SPY 263.75 level with SPY calls.  We hold overnight and BOOM! SPY opens up 100 points higher. at 265! (tweeted to subscribers in photo below)

We continue to stay patient and alert subscribers  of a higher adjusted target at 265.50. After morning consolidation our patience pays as we take profits at Fridays SPY high at 265.50. We profit 110% using a conservative call strike.

Aggressive call strike (same day expiration) calls go for 400% gain.

(Follow along  Timestamp check our tweets out to subscribers using Central time market opens at 8:30AM)

Incredible forecasting and trading short and long.

Fun to be a part of.
Best part of it all is enjoying these moves with members.
Onto the next one fellas